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Re: war memorial bells with name inscriptions
A prime example is the 74-bell National War Memorial Carillon in Wellington, New 
Zealand. Of the 49 original Gillett & Johnston bells from 1929, 46 have 
inscription/dedications to specific individuals (i.e. war casualties) and/or 
regiments invloved in WWI. Details included in "For Whom the Bells Toll" by 
Chris Maclean [Heritage Group, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 
As for Riverside Church in New York, only the fourth largest bell (E0, the 
original bourdon for Park Avenue Baptist Church) bears any dedication, this to 
Mr Rockefeller's mother, Laura Spelman Rockefeller, who (unless I am completely 
misinformed) was not exactly a fallen woman.
There is also the Jose M Ferrer Memorial Carillon by G&J (1931) at The 
Canterbury School in New Milford, Connecticut, USA.
Lots of others...
Timothy Hurd QSM CLJ OMLJ
Natioanl Carillonist of new Zealand
Director, National Carillon - Canberra, Australia

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Another example is the 8-bell Taylor chime at English Martyrs (RC) at Sparkhill, 
Birmingham - 1946, commemorating various WW2 losses including some killed in 
Tunisia, torpedoed returning from Ireland and killed in air raids on the parish
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Subject: RE: [Bell Historians] Fwd: Memorial Bells enquiry
The obvious thought is the Loughborough War Memorial Carillon in which bells are 
dedicated to individuals.
There are lots of individual bells with names of the Fallen on them
Can anyone on the list help with this enquiry please?

By all means respond directly to Phillipa, but I would appreciate being copied 



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>Dear Robert
>I am working on a project to restore a chime of ten  Memorial Bells at a Baptist 
>Church in East London. Installed in 1925, they are cast with the names of over 
>169 local men from the church and district who died serving in the First World 
>War. One bell has the name of Prince Maurice of Battenberg, the only member of 
>the royal family to fall in the war, and one is dedicated to The Unknown 
>One of the volunteers who is researching the men named on the bells – of whom 
>nearly all records have been lost – was told by someone at the Imperial War 
>Museum that this was the only set of war memorial bells they had heard of where 
>the names of the fallen were actually cast into the bells.  Others may have an 
>inscription of some kind but the names are listed elsewhere, for example on a 
>We hadn’t realised it was so unusual to have the names of the fallen cast into a 
>chime or ring of bells, and we are trying to find out if there are in fact any 
>others like this – as opposed to dedications to one or two people.  Mr Donovan 
>suggested your readers might have the knowledge to help.
>The bells were cast by Gillett and Johnston and are played with a clavier (or, 
>in the past, an electro-pneumatic tune-playing machine, which is long gone). 
>Gillett and Johnston apparently only supplied bells of this kind (though on a 
>much larger scale) to one other Baptist church, Park Avenue Baptist church in 
>New York City which became the Riverside Church. 
>I hope you can help.
>Many thanks
>Philippa King
>Development Manager
>Memorial Community Church
>395 Barking Road, Plaistow
>London  E13 8AL
>020 7474 6603 (church office)
>Support our Bell Tower Appeal at www.justgiving.com/momorialcc

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