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I recommend the AbeBooks website - www.abebooks.co.uk. It is excellent for locating new and secondhand books, especially ones which are rare or obscure. Put in the search details, and any copies for sale by participating booksellers will be displayed. I have just looked for this title, and there are four copies for sale.
I recommend you use the author's full name in the search, otherwise you will have to search through thousands of entries for Ernest Hemingway's rather better known and similarly named book!

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How can one get hold of a copy of this elusive book?
When I was in Wellington in 2005, a member of staff at the War Memorial had one copy on display, but no stock and couldn’t tell me where I could purchase a copy.   Also, as far as I can see, the book doesn’t feature at all on the War Memorial web site.
Sadly, when we visited, Callum and I only caught the last five minutes of the lunch time recital because the Tourist Information Centre told us the wrong time …it seems you wonderful carillon is quite a well kept secret in Wellington !

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Re: war memorial bells with name inscriptions


A prime example is the 74-bell National War Memorial Carillon in Wellington , New Zealand . Of the 49 original Gillett & Johnston bells from 1929, 46 have inscription/dedications to specific individuals (i.e. war casualties) and/or regiments invloved in WWI. Details included in "For Whom the Bells Toll" by Chris Maclean [Heritage Group, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington , 1998].


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