Anonymous 1754 bell

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at
Sat Jul 9 16:49:21 BST 2011

A correspondent has asked for help in identifying the origin of a 
small bronze bell which bears the date of 1754 but no other marking. 
The original tang is broken off, and a 6-legged crown was added by a 
blacksmith a very long time ago.  The bell is 10" tall and the bottom 
is 12" across.  It may have been in its owner's family for as much as 
a century, but nothing is known of when or how it was acquired.

I've posted 4 photos on the Website, in an album named "Anonymous 
1754".  Based on the style of the bell and the date, can anyone 
suggest a probable (or even just possible) origin for this bell?


P.S.  This bell has also been mentioned on the ABA Forum, where one 
photo was posted.  A commentator suggested that the bell was probably 
made in England, and I concur.


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