John Camp camp at
Tue Jul 12 15:22:32 BST 2011

I have received an email from an old friend, Simon Aiken, who is now
Dean of Kimberley, South Africa.  I taught him to ring while we were
both students at Cuddesdon theological college.  I am sure that there
are people on these lists who can give him the help he needs.  (He
mentions the ODG, but a wider base for assistance might well be

I have replied, saying that I would make his request for assistance

Please contact me, off-list.

John Camp

Here are the essentials of the email:


Kimberley is 170km west of Bloemfontein.  The Cathedral was built in
stages from 1911 to 1961 but, unlike mediaeval cathedrals, to the same
design and style.  The tower was the last addition to the building and,
for 50 years, the question has been asked about bells for it.

I have inherited a number of half-finished schemes, one of which is  
the Bells Project.

In a nutshell, after back breaking fundraising, and the help of  
Keltek, we own 6 tuned bells at present sitting with Taylors and  
formerly hanging in St Helen, Abingdon.

We now need to research the following:

transportation, ringing gear, wheels, ropes and sallies, construction  
of a frame, installation etc, and a programme of tuition

The Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman is linked with the Diocese of
Oxford and our bells were once hung in one of Oxfordshire's most  
important parish churches.

If we can get over the financial hurdle of the practicalities, I have
great ideas about Oxfordshire ringers providing a 'Captain in  
residence' for 3, 4, 5 even 6 years in three month stints while we  
grow a culture of ringing here.

This would be a practical expression of our inter Diocesan Link with  



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