[Bell Historians] Anonymous 1754 bell

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at Szqz8BmUGv5h7RbmY3qADezz8JVSMYpeKirVqYnZL23Q-z51a-TijGp3BkleH4nO9suUKZ1CV1u2DpE.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jul 11 20:42:55 BST 2011

At 19:47 +0100 2011/07/11, Chris Pickford wrote:
>Looks like Whitechapel lettering to me - so probably Lester & Pack, 
>1754. What size and where is it?

Size given in original message.  Location not revealed, but I presume 
it is in the USA.

Carl Z
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