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Mon Jul 18 11:50:29 BST 2011

On 17/07/2011 21:18, Peter Trent wrote:
> I was shown today a "Sanctus" bell today found in a cupboard at a local
> church. It is of bell metal about 8" in height with a ball and chain
> clapper and an argent complete with square section hanging bar about 15"
> long. It has the initials ZASM
> research suggests that this has South African railway connections. Can
> anyone enlighten me further as to which foundry produced such items or
> even why it should end up in rural Norfolk? The internet found the
> following catalogue reference for an auction in 2010:
> MAATSKAPIJ (NZASM) BELL - the teakwood frame with peaked shingle roof &
> metal scroll sprockets on post supports, suspending a fitted cast iron
> "ZASM" bell
> (with clapper), on sprocket-plinth bases, with inscribed plaque: "Door
> het oud
> personeel van de NZASM word deze bel het Nederlansche gezantschap te
> Pretoriaaangeboden ter herinnering aan de onthulling van het
> gedenkteken te Waterval Boven op 28 Augustus 1934" (152.5 x 72 x 63cm)

Waterval Boven is a few hundred kms east of Johannesburg just off the N4 
on the way to Mocambique, and just after dropping down to the lowveld.

I used to travel through it or over it most weeks when I lived in 
Johannesburg and had cause to visit a new paper mill my company was 
building in Ngodwana, just down the road.

Waterval Boven means above the waterfall, and Waterval Onder (just down 
the road) is under the waterfall.  The railway line (the main reason for 
the existence of Waterval Boven) used to pass through a tunnel, which 
can now be navigated by tourists.  It is a very picturesque area and a 
great destination for climbers, walkers and bird watchers.

if you take a look at:


You will see mention of a memorial to the men who died building the 
railway.  What it doesn't mention is that this memorial was built in 
1934, and may be the one the inscription refers to.



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