[Bell Historians] ZASM

Richard Grimmett richard at TPMkFMbX0yPIV9KdtEgcZgk8-lJHHkLzTZ043M7z_3pyVPgVsrud56lCgFE4KsJyEOL7DtnAr1h8rvp0.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 19 12:41:59 BST 2011

On 19/07/2011 12:29, Peter Trent wrote:
> Richard,
> This bell is unlikely to be the one from this memorial..Did ZASM use
> bells at their stations to announce arrivals and departures?
> Peter

I would very much doubt it is from the memorial itself.  I would think 
that one or more were cast to commemorate the dedication of the 
memorial.  I don't know what was used at stations.  Have you got a photo?



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