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Tue Jul 19 20:34:29 BST 2011

I received the email below and wonder if anyone can show any light on a
London bellhanger called John Colmer.  If anyone can help I can pass this

Best wishes,

Dear Dickon

I found your websites during my family history research and have found them
very interesting. I am trying to find out more about bell foundries and bell
hangers in particular as this was the occupation of my 3rd great
grandfather, John Churchill Colmer.

He was born in 1791 in Crewkerne, Somerset and moved to London some time
before 1817 when he married Elizabeth Matilda Buckler at St Dunstan & All
Saints, Stepney. 

His occupation was recorded as Carpenter in many records, but in the census
of 1851 he is described as a Church Bell Hanger. He and his family lived in
Stepney for several years, including Batty Street, Poplar, parish of St
George in the East. He died on 7 Jul 1870 in Bancroft Road, Mile End, at the
age of 79.

Based on this information would you have any advice as to which bell foundry
he would likely have been employed by and how I might find out more? Do you
know whether records are likely to exist which record the foundry workers? I
know I am asking a lot but, as you have done such extensive research, I
wondered if you would have a view as to whether this is worthwhile to pursue
or if it is likely to be a fruitless search.

I would be very grateful for any information you can give me.

Kind Regards

Susan Daniels Macmillan


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