[Bell Historians] Bell stolen from Weoley Castle, Birmingham

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Fri Jul 29 14:44:26 BST 2011

At 14:38 29/07/2011, I wrote:
>I have just had a call from a Birmingham Mail reporter seeking a
>picture of a bell that was stolen from St Gabriel's Church Weoley
>Castle, Birmingham, earlier this week.
>Unfortunately he has no details of the bell (but is trying to dig
>some up);  all he could tell me is that the bell was reputedly
>transferred to the Church from Lodge Hill Cemetery in Birmingham. The
>Church was built in 1934.
>If anyone can help identify the bell from archives please let me know.



>From: Paul.Bradley at 5o5MTIAie2bWFs2dCw3y56NGymd4XGLgyi3gixJEpr425SvphWKLZarYx3gtbsGyVqfoZfkKDCc5V3wYsVSXLWu8DU26.yahoo.invalid
>Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 14:36:06 +0100
>Hi Robert,
>Good to speak to you just now.
>We don't know very much about this bell I'm afriad - other than it 
>was moved from Lodge Hill Cemetary to St Gabriel's Church in Marston 
>Road, Weoley Castle, about 30 years ago.
>It was the only bell at the church.
>It was stolen on July 17.
>We are running a story on this on Monday. Any help finding a picture 
>would be great but I appreicate it's late notice. All our other 
>attempts have been unsuccessful.
>Paul Bradley
>Multimedia editor (Video)
>Birmingham Post and Mail, Sunday Mercury
>0121 234 5286
>paul.bradley at ykD8vhpAWhg18jmew8koxKyQOTmni7nkeGVoaxzeGxuFoLY89kINVBWEOrfhjh8llWT5zDnk2R3cjGlFWLmU2sl_c4uR.yahoo.invalid
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