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Tue Jun 14 08:46:09 BST 2011

I am compiling a list of useful web sites for those engaging in bell maintenance.

there are obvious ones such as CCCBR,  George Dawson, Dove, Ecclesiastical, Diocese, etc but I am sure there are many more giving useful info on fixtures, fittings, bell related issues, frames, safety etc...

Any suggestions would be good (off line if you like)  graham at xJJRv_1NEcK-PHcvFrxdanx6sy-tH7vX2gQ_dSMpEVF_bMTR4ooIJf68ATZcplnhXP4NxFGkkliUVSsfmS-5Jg.yahoo.invalide.co.uk

07974 743766
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