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Richard Smith richard at dFeGmk-ytYFIsgfJQMZs5ZjR1qcF6ukbx5dYRRFSi7uxIzpbyTKnQhsXHIz88QCqCKzQ1Mj8H9aqFFFFPzQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jun 14 10:34:42 BST 2011

Graham Nabb wrote:

> I am compiling a list of useful web sites for those 
> engaging in bell maintenance.
> there are obvious ones such as CCCBR, George Dawson, Dove, 
> Ecclesiastical, Diocese, etc but I am sure there are many 
> more giving useful info on fixtures, fittings, bell 
> related issues, frames, safety etc...

I'm not quite sure, good though they are, what Dove or 
George Dawson's site really have to do with bell 
maintenance.  And if you're producing a much more general 
list of ringing and bell related links, then Roger Bailey 
has beaten you to it: <http://ringing.info/>.



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