[Bell Historians] St Peter's, Wisbech

Richard Smith richard at Z7Ecs9iJPo_nARxGgD9USCod0QCX5vBwna5gcI1fbd8JqOK0za8nH7Zy_jaJHGy6CxMJdAJhuWgrk2LpK7ID.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jun 17 21:25:19 BST 2011

Thanks for the pointers, Chris.  I had looked on John 
Ketteringham's handlist, but couldn't immediately find 
anything on that looked relevant.

I've looked up RW 1960, p 469; it says "One of the original 
bells bore the date 1566, and two others were first cast in 
1608 and 1640."  That sounds like it's quoting the same 
source as the VCH.  (That VCH vol was published afterwards 
and gives extra information, so they can't be quoting each 

RW 1965, p 760 is not relevant, nor is RW 1991, p 984.  RW 
1990 pp 370-2 looks like it may be article you're referring 
to, but I don't have easy access to that year.

Thanks again



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