[Bell Historians] Bells filled with ale

Richard Smith richard at AdYBHA9i-8TySUNi6fZuUVrlcggecLTcUw_rGW1pCi_QqRTn8PVv4psWvPmou7exPe_sj7Kqt_OvOj2Y.yahoo.invalid
Sat Mar 5 08:56:53 GMT 2011

Sue Marsden wrote:

> Was this mentioned here a while back?

Bells filled with ale are mentioned in Trollope's History of 
the College Youths.  I think it's discussed in the passage 
about the opening of Carisbrooke bells, though the event may 
have happened elsewhere.  I can look it up when I'm back 
home on Monday if you like.



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