Sir William Brereton

Mike Chester mike at
Mon Mar 7 10:35:31 GMT 2011

The BBC website put me onto a fascinating journal by Nehemiah Wallington.

Allows you to read through "photo-copied" pages of the book. Page 35 starts a section about Sir William Brereton - look at "who" down the left side of the page for the link or use this rather long one to get to the start.,+Nehemiah/what/Journal/;q:tatton+park;lc:ManchesterDev~95~2,Manchester~91~1,Man4MedievalVC~4~4,ManchesterDev~93~3&mi=76&trs=585

It seems to fit as this William being closely related to Lord William Brereton, first Master of the College Youths.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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