[Bell Historians] Digest Number 2815-Holy Trinity, Bolton

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Wed Mar 9 16:08:51 GMT 2011

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> Holy Trinity Bolton is not going to be turned into luxury apartments because it doesn't stack up financially. And the planning consent has expired (or is about to). I nearly bought it for a pound about nine months ago but concluded that was about 250k too much. 
> It is a sad lesson that if you don't keep empty churches wind and watertight they deteriorate beyond the point of no return within about a year of a decent size hole getting in the roof.  Which is what has happened. Seddons, who own it, stopped doing any maintenance shortly after a surveyor stepped backwards through a trap door in the tower which he had left opened and killed himself. 
> Simon

I wouldn't have thought that "Starter homes" would have made much profit on the site, considering how much work WAS required before the death of the surveyor in 06/07. I remember a comment from the HSE that it was thought that a trap was open, but covered with ply wood and the surveyor fell through.

I wonder what will happen to the place now? I think its a grade 2 listed building.



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