[Bell Historians] Digest Number 2815-Holy Trinity, Bolton

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> Perhaps the Local Authority will use its Statutory Powers:-
> 5.1 If a local authority consider that a listed building is not being
> properly preserved they may serve on the owner a 'repairs notice' under
> Section 115 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971. This notice must
> specify the works which the authority consider reasonably necessary for the
> proper preservation of the building and explain that if it is not complied
> with within 2 months the authority may make a compulsory purchase order and
> submit it to the Secretary of State for confirmation. If the owner
> deliberately neglects the building in order to redevelop the site, the local
> authority may not only acquire the building, but may do so at a price which
> excludes the value of the site for redevelopment. If the building is
> unoccupied, the authority can serve a notice on the owner giving him 7 days'
> notice of their intention to carry out repairs which are urgently necessary
> to secure its preservation and recover the cost from the owner. These powers
> may also be exercised by the Secretary of State. Owners of listed buildings
> can, in some cases, get grants or loans to help them with repairs and
> maintenance.

Perhaps that is what is needed.

There are plenty of pictures up on the "urban" explorer websites, so they have got in somehow. There were metal fences up around the building a while ago, but it seems that people may still be getting inside,despite the fencing.

The thing is that if kids get inside, they could be attacked or injured. Any adults going in without permission have no comeback-they know what they are doing so...



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