[Bell Historians] Bolton

John Camp camp at eDUDmxBSGtvJfdPSaFRZkBiCqiT5Rvv-Q2jcM6xsLeUZCzyAr1WbazmGn2HUPno2rpr1Hs-eS7ovPFGPJsOv.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 9 17:41:15 GMT 2011

At 17:28 on 09 March 2011, andrew at tvKsSL-_Smd-OAEAPHS5O_ZrFtg5FIVEh1oA_4eaYJSN1Yrlvc9B0YRsjoOD0hrP2SgNiu_exzydMJd-Lw.yahoo.invalid wrote:
> The Localisim Bill is to confer powers of general competence on Local
> Authorities ...

Nothing short of a miracle, then.

John Camp


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