[Bell Historians] A Short handstroke

John Camp camp at NrhbX3dGbqRI2bNfkIB33-89OSk76ucWYwEa9uokfipY0YFGcztyabZ-eu6Kgor37Vkv7w8AbDJYbu6Z3-s.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 6 15:25:56 BST 2011

At 15:04 on 06 May 2011, c.j.pickford.t21 at QG0eYJKwBPqncG02SnNAzculDW76LU76yFMlaJO4tKnxrGIY1hyTdyFUVqaYM9-ZoEauEp845PixUofgYUMHXCcgt1l86Yw.yahoo.invalid wrote:

> In some circles this used to be known as a Mears handstroke - not
> without reason!

Mike's handling's a lot better than it used to be.

John Camp


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