[Bell Historians] A Short handstroke

Chris Frye Chris at CqyCBTg_BwV-358F9DiATtswRe4tRpTP36OKLJohCbUmPZl1t5nlqbLZqmb0QYu-qDTLsrNXZ1ZtRNM.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 6 15:34:05 BST 2011

> David Willis wrote "If a line is taken from the garter hole to the gudgeon and another from the gudgeon to the pulley an angle is formed between the two - what is accepted to be the correct angle?"

Matthew Higby effectively constructed the two lines described and separated them at the wheel rim by a distance equal to the wheel circumference divided by 4.

Hence I think that the correct angle must be 90 degrees (or pi/2 radians for visitors from the ringing theory list!)

Chris Frye.


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