[Bell Historians] Deadrope Ringing

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at nMUx8zc0ZrImeHjQwx6JPj1SgLpKXijS8AUvhnJXCZNjCEpSzW1XgPg0Y3RuG4jZQ0d4oGlCDPFATac9lvRQpzoN.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 10 16:31:54 BST 2011

I will have to go and have another look but from memory the pulley boxes at Canewdon are (or were) quite high and above the lower edge of the (full) wheels they are certainly some way above the floor. I guess this would also make quite a difference to how they are rung.

But I could be mistaken about this, as I said I will have a look and possibly take some photos tomorrow evening.

Brian Meldon


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