[Bell Historians] Re: The old Buckfast bells.

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at yGWTtu8D2rgS0X7CacXMlMo9r0E1M0WeXXHkANJS0FDuurCGCd-Yb0suziVS50XEiU_uxddX_HnUJLIC-cxCA4g.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 13 14:04:58 BST 2011

From: Matthew Higby & Company Ltd, www.bellhangers.com
Probably not. But it seems likely. Certainly the St Pauls Melbourne clip is 
dubbed with a much heavier twelve. Worcester maybe.

The Warner ring were supposed to be in C#. The tenor in that clip appears to 
be about 530 Hz = C+22. The tenor of the present ring is 518 Hz = C-18 for 


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