[Bell Historians] Saw Pit Frame

Roderic Bickerton rodbic at XW0xSroJj5ZjX2fApxg3BKSsP2kzRFYb6CqnnM8atILGd4bshOOGX0et-Y9YBKd7QSvQHyIEdrc3.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 26 11:01:14 BST 2011

I do detest the term, it is not descriptive or 
correct. A saw pit is longer than a bell pit so 
conceivably could be likened to a long Siamese 
bell pit.
A saw pit a single pit so there is no suggestion 
of parallel pits. (it would have to be as heavy 
baulks of timber need to be moved about, in an 
era pre overhead lifting equipment)

parallel pits do not fit the maximum bells in 
the minimum space, H frames or the L&G set up 
with isolated bearing towers on a massive 
grillage do that.
think it through, Siamese pits set 2 bells in 
the same width pit.  Bearing towers do not 
constrain anything so the layout needs only to 
consider volume of rotation and thickness of the 
bearing tower at the bell lip. H or A frames are 
a little more con straining, but much less than 
parallel Siamese pits.


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