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As also the grillage frame at St Alphege Whitstable (Whitechapel 1969) and the earlier Taylor examples at Saxthorpe and Fettes College. The Whitechapel frames are better, having primary as well as secondary RsJ's, but all still "sawpit" design.

I first heard the expression in 1968 from the late Harry Parkes. We were to go to Gloucester and take out for rehanging the six at Maisemore. Harry looked at the papers and exclaimed that it was a ******** sawpit frame - which it is, a timber one by Warners, and the bells went back into it the following year.

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  Rochford's 1968 Taylor frame for the light 4cwt eight has all the bells swinging in the east west direction in a lightly constructed steel frame. (But obviously sufficient for the weight of the bells.)
  The layout is:
  The 3, 4, 8 and 7 have the ropes on the inside of the frame/tower and the others on the 2, 5, 1 and 6 on the outside. 

  Brian Meldon

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