[Bell Historians] Saw Pit Frame

Andrew Aspland aaspland at EJFkRlbTyccJCbPi2dTk2gUhJFuG5UQSm6PgW14xv-4Zdyh8cyoDyXCnfdIi521s2RpMt9GNdj2DZB1tjW9y.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 26 15:16:25 BST 2011

Exactly same as 1972 frame at St Wilfrid’s Harrogate – this time in wood.

Rochford's 1968 Taylor frame for the light 4cwt 
eight has all the bells swinging in the east 
west direction in a lightly constructed steel 
frame. (But obviously sufficient for the weight 
of the bells.)
The layout is:
The 3, 4, 8 and 7 have the ropes on the inside 
of the frame/tower and the others on the 2, 5, 1 
and 6 on the outside.

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