What are these bells called?

Ted Steele ted.steele at FtrBYaYjBzSrSKPbPy7CJGiFYn7doTPgbfsN-mlDGkRNTkS7ORUDfFf6bu0g_DxvIJ_o5rSszz1P_SoxJQ.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 7 19:33:46 BST 2011

This picture of three small bells hung to be rung together has appeared 
on a church visitors list. Apparently the bells are rung when the Priest 
enters to commence the mass and information is sought as to the name 
given to such bells.  I could only suggest that they are Sanctus bells, 
but does any one know differently? The bells are in a church in Hoxton, 
London which has no tower.


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