What are these bells called?

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I think these are at St.   Ann's with St   Columba Hoxton Road. The
bells are just visible in this photo on the left hand chancel wall:


If so this church was built between 1868 and 1870 and looking at the
photo, despite the fact that many other interior fittings in this church
have come from elsewhere I see no reason to think that the bells are not
contemporary with the build date.

So I think in this case rather than describing them as Sanctus bells a
better description would be Altar bells.

As you are probably aware the ringing of altar bells does take place at
some Anglican churches that adopt the `High Church' practices.
Although there are several variations, the during the Eucharist, a bell
is usually rung three times: Once before the Words of Institution and
once at each elevation of the Host and of the Chalice and this could
explain why, in this case there are three bells. But as I said there are
many variations on this. The Altar bell is often sounded to indicate
when to come forward for Communion for example.

It is true that this church has no tower as such, however the intention
was to build a bell tower, but unfortunately the money was never
available. Looking at the building it would appear that a base of am
unfinished tower is incorporated into the present structure on the NE
corner as can be seen on the right of this photo:


Brian Meldon

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, Ted Steele <ted.steele at ...>
> This picture of three small bells hung to be rung together has
> on a church visitors list. Apparently the bells are rung when the
> enters to commence the mass and information is sought as to the name
> given to such bells.  I could only suggest that they are Sanctus
> but does any one know differently? The bells are in a church in
> London which has no tower.
> Ted

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