[Bell Historians] Re: What are these bells called?

John Camp camp at t8Ff19f-o2UH5qB5p69hRpmYu6NRNzo57I-gHRO3SjWbrlsLtrcIpmnmyXI0qwXC9YXt3H7kWvi3zDSdvF6V.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 10 12:44:32 BST 2011

At 12:11 on 10 October 2011, Dickon Love wrote:

> If these are where I think they are, they are not Altar bells.  Am I
> right in saying the bells are actually near the vestry door?  These
> bells would be jangled as the altar party leaves the vestry, to warn
> the congregation that they need to stand up.

St Mary Mag's, Oxford, has such a bell outside the vestry.  I used to
say mass there quite often, but I never heard it called anything in
particular.  It wasn't the sanctus bell (or bells), which was a set of
small jangly things.

John Camp


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