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Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at aiS8U0uswIz9r7g3IJlnR8J5qtOc0jN7UFplKM9TmeDTioeiwAY3y3Z6qeIjh1EaN8cWJMS24eU7S0-ME4UR7dGDbJBo.yahoo.invalid
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How accurate the weight information is, or who cast these bells I do not
know, but here at Canewdon the 1552 list of church goods details three
tower bells as follows:

.. thre bells in the steple wherof the gret bell conteyneth in
weightby estymac'on xxxti hundrethe, the seconde bell xxti
hundredth, And the litell bell xvjten hundrethe, one sanse bell
coteynynge xxtepounds, ij hand bells conteynynge xvj pounds

So it would appear that the tenor was 30 cwt.

Obviously these bells would have been swing chimed.

There is a little more information on this bell as in the will of one
John Barrett dated 8 May 1545. In this he bequeathed £10 `to the
reparation ofthe great bell of Canewdon'. This implies that the
tenor was in some way damaged and was probably cracked.

Later in a 1571 log book containing a detailed account of a successful
action taken by the parish for the recovery of charity property taken by
the crown as `concealed land'', as well as compensation
received for the land, it also states that £30 was received for 'a
broke bell taken by commission to Quenes Majesties use'. Again this is
probably in reference to the tenor bell noted as needing repair in 1545.

  Brian Meldon

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