[Bell Historians] Heavy old bells

Sue Marsden erincaters at bJ5R7wSRblbqxOfTTBd2ElRQrXnAmf9M9FM0loz1Cg-pLsu_q_1iG9nBrZTxIlO_spbzMl7RXbaKCiTFAansArlEO4w.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 10 21:49:32 BST 2011

On 10 October 2011 16:56, Chris Pickford
<c.j.pickford.t21 at bks7wuUxd4ecIkUMxc7RVDljVNPHqfsO5vIIgJJ_lIoOnuAoATyX-Zy0rsIw3U2UmNtl1dHWWYaGDUhW7dYLc30MLncTwjpfke8.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Most of the heavy bells over a ton - i.e. those with known founders and
> dates - are listed in my Great bells spreadsheet. See the link from:
> http://www.btinternet.com/~keltek/page89.html
> The list can be sorted by date, weight, founder, extant (or not) etc to
> answer a whole range of questions. With a bit of manipulation (i.e using
> the "lost" column as a date filter first), you can (e.g.) create a list
> of the heaviest bells extant in a particular year. There are doubtless
> cleverer ways of doing it, but the data (the online list isn't quite the
> latest  version) represents the results of several years work and is
> moderately comprehensive now (certainly 25 cwt upwards)
> It shouldn't be difficult to create a list of extant bells cast before
> 1650 weighing over 25 cwt and then sort them in descending weight order

Thanks Chris, that is just the sort of site I imagined there would be,
if I had known where to look.



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