[Bell Historians] Re: Heavy old bells

John Harrison john at fgu8IQLcNPCQQpezbu4ijBaSS2IarXhGudfF95bTG2IXewvjT-PQQak9UPFnMeN8-G2LQjjy2aX2a_SQs6g.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 11 17:43:24 BST 2011

> The original returns for the "Edwardian Inventories" of church goods 
> (not just bells) are among the Exchequer archives at The National 
> Archives (in class E315)

> The published editions vary in quality, and some omit significant 
> details. We've rather taken transcripts and extracts for granted in the 
> past, and rference to the originals is advisable for anyone wanting to 
> make reliable use of this material. 

But if you aren't used to reading 16th C hand-written script, you might
find it an uphill task :-(


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