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Tue Oct 11 15:57:33 BST 2011

Inventories" of church goods 
(not just bells) are among the Exchequer archives at The National 
Archives (in class E315)

The published editions vary in quality, and some omit significant
details. We've rather taken transcripts and extracts for granted in the 
past, and rference to the originals is advisable for anyone wanting to 
make reliable use of this material. There may yet be some discoveries
to be made here too

Chris Pickford 


Certainly the transcription of the Wiltshire survey as published in the
Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine vol XII, is not completely accurate.  For
example Salisbury Cathedral's 10 bells are omitted altogether and Inglesham
is credited with 6 bells when it only had two, though it is easy to see from
the original why the mistake was made.



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