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Dennis Powney dennis.powney at
Mon Oct 24 21:24:48 BST 2011

A bell in the Wiltshire Heritage Museum at Devizes, about 2 cwt, is
inscribed on the waist, W + H, below that is the letter B, and below that
the date, 1809. The museum would like to know the founder. Can we help?

The bell is on display but there is no accompanying information; not even
where the bell came from!

This is the second time I have asked this question of Bell Historians. The
first time, several years ago, an answer came back quickly and I gave the
info to the museum but they have mislaid it, and I have forgotten! Sorry. 

A new archivist at the museum is now keen to display the bell properly,
complete with details.


Dennis Powney.

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