[Bell Historians] Landfill Grants

Richard Grimmett richard at _10If0m8yIWGI-L2sICejrM1TziY0bJ8XVUGyq5wouJfdc7kJZuKaZQI41dT85_FecBWlLL5Xt0ceic.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 27 09:38:54 BST 2011


On 27/10/2011 08:40, GRAHAM CLIFTON wrote:
> Does anyone know of towers who have received a Landfill Grant for bell 
> work and  which company was operating the scheme?
> We are trying for a grant at Steeple Aston and any case history would 
> help our case.
> Thanks.
> /*Graham Clifton* /

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