[Bell Historians] St Bartholomew's, Ottawa (3)

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Ottawa All Saints

8 (+2flat) Whitechapel chime of 1906, tenor hung for full circle ringing
(19.3.0  E flat)


Ottawa St Bartholomew

3 bells by Meneeley West Troy 1878/9 tenor 550lbs C


Ottawa Houses of Parliament

53 bells by G&J 1927 tenor 22400lbs

& outside there is a Meneeley & Kimberley bell of 1870 at ground level (a
diameter would be useful)


If you are spreading further out let me know.




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It's likely I'll be able to go and have a look at these bells in a couple of
weeks time. But if anyone has already had a look at them (presumably not,
as full details aren't on Dove) please let me know.

There seems to be some doubt as to whether they are a genuine full-circle
ring, so I should be able to sort that out. And get the missing nominal,
diameter and canon information.

Anything else I should be looking for? (George?)

John Cater

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