St Bartholomew's, Ottawa (3)

Thu Sep 8 20:27:39 BST 2011

  Perhaps John Cater would like to also look at ALL SAINTS in OTTAWA and see what assessment for it is correct. There are two looks at it on WWW.ALLCHIMES.ORG   An actual picture of it, Feb 2004 is in section 4.  The writeup is in section 3db.  There is a little difference between the George Dawson description and ALLCHIMES which he might set things right about.  We all like to get these thngs perfect.  
  Have learned so much over the years from this site (facts and disagrements), but seldom get a chance to chime in from across the pond.  St. Barts will get added to my site when I get the final correct info.
  Joe Connors

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