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Thu Sep 8 13:11:38 BST 2011

On 06/09/2011 20:19, Ted Steele wrote:
> I have seen this enquiry on another list and have responded with a 
> request for more details of the bells and their location. As I am no 
> musician would someone advise as to the request about which note bell 
> would be required to make a four? Obviously the message begs a lot of 
> questions but I can try to respond to those when I get more info. I 
> don't know what the numbers with the letters mean.
> Thanks,
> Ted.
> "Please, I have just read that change ringing can be done as an 
> English Round using only 4 bells.   Is this correct?   We would so 
> like to do this!
> We currently have 3 bells, G2, A3, B3.   Can anyone tell me if a 4th 
> bell could be added to these to play the English Round?   And which 
> one it would be"?

I have now got further info about the bells in question, and I suspect 
that some on the list may know of them. I am also extending this enquiry 
to historians as I suspect that it may be of interest there. I have 
replied concerning the nature of the wheels, style of hanging etc and 
the implications of this for ringing. I remain unsure what advice to 
give about an extra bell as replies to r-c suggest that the notation 
given is unhelpful; a C3 treble seems to be the probable answer. A 
picture of the bells is here 
<http://www.walsingham-church.org/photos55.jpg> and the extra info from 
the enquire is appended below. The foundry website would seem to confirm 
the obvious, that the bells are bronze, not brass as stated.

I have directed the enquirer to NAGCR and other relevant links, 
including those to the other churches in Houston with ringing peals.

Jo Birch wrote:

"Our bells are brass made at Cornille Havard Foundry in 
Velledieu-les-Poeles in Normandy, France.
My church is Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston, Texas... across the pond 
from you.    I do remember that was in the plans that we be able to 
someday do change ringing.  Our organist at the time was a change ringer 
himself.   The tower was the last part of the church built, because we 
were waiting for stronger steel to arrive.   And the ropes for those we 
have come thru the ceiling of the room below.   Should these three bells 
that we have, have been installed in a particular order?    I have 
pictures of them installed, if that would help?
I am not musical at all, but the baby bell is mine... so I am curious, 
and I would like to see this happen.    Can you tell me what the A- B- 
C, etc mean? Jo Birch"

Thanks for help,



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