St Bartholomew's, Ottawa (3)

David davidhird_uk at
Thu Sep 8 22:00:07 BST 2011

The church website used to show 3 ropes hanging in the porch but the shap of the 'tower' or porch in reality suggests they are a swing chime but who knows? I had email contact with someone there who was going to send a photo of them but despite reminders they failed to show up.


--- In bellhistorians at, "John Cater" <John at ...> wrote:
> It's likely I'll be able to go and have a look at these bells in a couple of
> weeks time.  But if anyone has already had a look at them (presumably not,
> as full details aren't on Dove) please let me know.
> There seems to be some doubt as to whether they are a genuine full-circle
> ring, so I should be able to sort that out.  And get the missing nominal,
> diameter and canon information.
> Anything else I should be looking for? (George?)
> John Cater


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