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The two tenors at Imber are E and F# and assuming they have been tuned a little but not a lot then they could have been the hour and fourth quarter of a Cambridge Quarter chime with the three smaller bells being B, C#, D#.  The man who may know is Eric Robinson (Ossett) who rescued the bells and used to maintain the clock.  He told me there used to be more bells in the past.
I worked for six years just around the corner from Grove House but that was after the bells had gone!

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Your the expert on such matters so can not answer the questions - I can only give what is written.

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> Harrowgate, S. Fox.
> No. 1280; 24 1/2"; 2-3-8; 1891. [Now at Imber]
> No. 1071; 22 1/2"; 2-1-13; [Now at Imber]
> No. 1272; 16"; 0-3-12; 1891. 
> No. 1276; 15"; 0-3-0; 1891.
> No. 1275; 14 1/4"; 0-2-14; 1891.
> From G&J tuning book titled BELLS 1875, p65 & 74.
> Hope this helps.

Many thanks - can I safely assume that they were once a clock chime? Which notes might they have been?


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