Ringing on television

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Thu Sep 15 13:47:42 BST 2011

As people may be aware, there are at least two television series in
preparation which will be concerned with ringing.  One is Diarmaid
MacCulloch's "Englishness", in which he examines the role of the church
in shaping the English national identity.  The other is (as I understand
it) specifically about ringing, and its place in the history of the
nation.  Quite a bit of potential overlap, and neither seemed to be
aware of the other.  (Like London buses all coming at once.)

I have been asked about the social aspects of bell-ringing and what
makes it quintessentially English.  I have been asked for "any good
anecdotes from recent years or historically that bring this subject to

Can you help?  All contributions, on or off list, will be appreciated
(and, if used, acknowledged, to the extent that I can bring this about).


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