Ringing on television

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Thu Sep 15 14:40:07 BST 2011

> As people may be aware, there are at least two television series in
> preparation which will be concerned with ringing.

Actually three.

> One is Diarmaid MacCulloch's "Englishness", ...

> ... neither seemed to be aware of the other.

I know little about the MacCullough programme, but the other two are both
being made for the same TV channel, and they are aware of each other, and
they are seeking not to overlap.  One was filmed some while ago and the
other will be filming in a few weeks.

> I have been asked about the social aspects of bell-ringing and
> what makes it quintessentially English.  I have been asked for "any
> good anecdotes from recent years or historically that bring this
> subject to life."

Sounds an excellent opportunity to get over what ringing is all about,
and to kill a few muths.


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