[Bell Historians] More peal details please

Sue Marsden erincaters at 15HEx5wL1B2uqi6rx34Ff6zRhl5uF0jwa4dGweVjnHQnpA1Os_DsxS2MZbf2CsLcxM3u3QB0oneQ95km2Qu0Q7GLCA8.yahoo.invalid
Fri Sep 16 16:39:49 BST 2011

On 16 September 2011 15:52, Richard Smith <richard at Ej8MeGyOIHm23Pq1jUTHPn1JeTCFIcg9Mk1IoODqgUqRYQ0W5BJo2uMw8j9p3-tH7lAdb_V3-8rl7R0s_EhI.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Sue Marsden wrote:
>> the second is Benwell, Newcastle, 1 Mar 1986 Durham Surprise Minor. It has a note on Felstead saying: RW
>> 86/273,
> 86/273 is the peal report in 28 Mar edition:
> Benwell
> Sat Mar 1, 1986 2h56 (16¼)
> 5040 Durham S. Minor
>  1 Geoffrey Evison
>  2 Thomas K O Joe
>  3 Susan E Marsden
>  4 Francis Atag
>  5 Owen A Davis
>  6 L Martin Daniels (C)
> No footnotes.
>> delete RW 86/304
> Two lines on back page of RW of 4 Apr under the heading
> 'Corrections and ammendments':
> "p. 273  Peal at Newcastle St. James -- delete all detail."
> No further explanation is given, nor is a name or initials
> to the deletion, which is very curious.  I would at least
> expect a brief comment about it being false, a hoax, a
> duplicate, or whatever.  Do you recall the story, Sue?

Yes, that's the one. Definitley a hoax but I have no idea why that
tower was picked upon, or those particular ringers! (well the real
ones. I know the 'ringers' of 2 and 4 were fakes but don't really know
why those names were chosen. It seems a pretty pointless hoax, all
told. I may have contacted the RW to say it was a hoax, as may 5 and
6. I have my suspicions but no proof as to who sent it up. There seems
to  be a glitch on Felstead for this one as it does not show up as an
Invalid Peal on the tower page as other hoax/unacceptable/false peals
do. I didn't realise hoax peals were on Felstead. Interesting that my
one false peal at Godmanchester has been recorded on Pealbase but does
not show up on Felstead. I didn't think it has been published in the
RW as the conductor (no names to protect the guilty) realised it was
false within a few days of ringing it, so was surprised it is on
pealbase. It had been a good peal too!
I'm glad to have details of the 'hoax' one though. I had totally
forgotten where and when it was until someone with a better memory
remembered. I suppose I shall have to go and ring a real peal there


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