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This is admirable, but I would like to know more.  With my Blackburn DAC hat
on I sometimes provide a list of contractors capable of undertaking
rehanging and maintenance jobs.  Some towers contain very old frames in need
of repair (I've recently been asked to have a look at a three bell tower
where this appears to be the case), and in such cases I would like where
practicable to encourage this rather than outright replacement.  Should
Conservation Bellhangers be included?  And would they be interested in
tackling jobs as far away as Lancashire?

Peter Rivet

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  We can expect a good job on an installation worthy of some respect. The
company proprietor is a well-known, active and respected ringer - and his
firm enjoys well-deserved respect for its timber and furniture conservation
work. Necessary specialist components for the job are being sourced from one
of the foundries
  More will be told in due course, no doubt. But this is a case of good folk
undertaking a conservative restoration that should also meet the
expectations of ringers

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  In the Aug 26 RW, page 865, there was a report about the restoration of 3
  bells at Bullington, Hampshire being carried out by "Conservation
  Bellhangers Ltd". I was curious to find out about this company.
  From the Companies House entry, Conservation Bellhangers Ltd. is based at
  Mill Cottage, Mill Lane, Steep, Petersfield (in Hampshire) and was
  incorporated on 31st March 2011. I don't remember hearing anything about
  this company previously. Does anyone have any more details?

  Chris Frye.

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