[Bell Historians] Conservation Bellhangers Ltd

John Cater John at CNfKWfTNhTkcIh_ZkDD_mBHPfS9P-NtdD0wtMaNKv6Ent5OHDfzsoBg9hGkxFKxx6mHvwsQRAlWEWY8.yahoo.invalid
Sat Sep 17 11:49:32 BST 2011

> The company proprietor is a well-known, active and respected ringer - and
his firm enjoys well-deserved respect for its timber and furniture
conservation work. ..........

Peter Rivet:
> This is admirable, but I would like to know more.

The proprietor of Conservation Bellhangers Ltd is a member of this list, so
maybe he will declare his hand and contribute to this thread.

John Cater


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