[Bell Historians] More peal details please

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Rubbish"! =)

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  On 16 September 2011 15:52, Richard Smith <richard at LY3wQA_FRPSyKQk_sw1_8jzejI7w5SQFlVe2mdYRUvsDXqk9g5QG1uc33ZfYLEvjui2zFqeYUadDXGg.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

    NEWCASTLE, S James
    Sat Mar 1, 1986 2h56 (16ΒΌ)
    5040 Durham S. Minor
    1 Geoffrey Evison
    2 Thomas K O Joe
    3 Susan E Marsden
    4 Francis Atag
    5 Owen A Davis
    6 L Martin Daniels (C)

  The name of the ringer of the second looks like a corruption of a nickname given to a certain someone from Lovely Lincolnshire.


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