Handbell records

David Bagley david at OV5NV5lo6CBh_qnsov3sOvmWPc1e2WRra378hLJVp9sLolcCjMIWLzDdcn38rQDwn2TMx7VHrwm8HCxUCf8TZlQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 20 21:09:27 BST 2011

At Tewkesbury Abbey, our Archivist has found a reference to 10 handbells in 
an oak box being donated in 1913. I assume that these could only be from 
Whitechapel or Taylors at this time.

We still have a set of handbells up the Abbey tower, but there are now some 
18 bells in the box. If this is the same set, then more have been added over 
the years. They are a bit of a tight fit in the box, so this could well be 
what has happened.

Clearly there is a wealth of information kept in foundry records about tower 
bells supplied, but do either foundry have records of the handbells they 
have made?



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