Needle in a Haystack?

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Sat Sep 17 00:26:50 BST 2011

Dear All:

I am trying to sort wheat from chaff, in researching the provenance of a bell by: 
P. Cossé / Michelin 1723   
The (original) bell was cast for the parish of St Pierre-du-Nord, an Acadian Catholic church in the eastern district of Prince Edward Island, Canada, near the town of Bay Fortune.
In 1870, a Mr Barry of St Peters Harbour was ploughing a field and struck a metallic object below ground: the persecuted Acadians, driven out of the province in/around 1755, had apparently buried their 'treasure'. The bell subsequently cracked from exuberant overuse & was re-cast by Meneeley (Troy, NY USA). The re-cast bell was stolen some years ago.
I am trying to find out more about Cossé. Not sure whether Cossé was French, Flemish or Wallonian. Any leads?
Many thanks.Timothy Hurd QSM
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