[Bell Historians] Bell Notes

Chris Frye Chris at Zu-g-JgDWMrqu-MPc5yZgW0QD5m0mW8qe1NT4M_vdBGC9Uy4ahJTFwq7XYiuYCsP6GnjCrtAVE9WcMIA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 24 16:53:13 BST 2012

> Alan R Williams: "Various web sites which claim to give the answer have
only added to my confusion!"

I recently needed to get to grips with this subject from a similar
standpoint ie musically unknowledgeable but very comfortable with Hz. In my
view, it is necessary to get through at least a bit of the complexity of the
subject before being able to do something as deceptively simple as ascribing
a single frequency (or note name) to the sound made by a bell. As well as
Bill Hibberts' website, I found the following useful, especially Dave
Kelly's explanations on the Keltek Trust website. He has a specific page
titled: "What is the note of a bell?".


Good luck!

Chris Frye.


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