Historical differences between long-standing bell foundries?

Matthew slosomething at AEWmqw5yYIRZFxRlMoK5tfIZPjKYEEA0pzRUkaWPPv_I3b_oZfT5G-jxGI0uK5oZG0AKdbQonkY1Q3u1kg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Apr 26 08:43:15 BST 2012

I have long wondered about the history some of the long-standing bell foundries that still exist today.  Marinelli since 1040, John Taylor since the mid 1500's, Whitechapel since 1570, Petit & Fritsen from 1660 and Eijsbouts from 1872.  There are probably more.

I wonder how they compare in reputation, size, market focus, quality of product, quality of service, pricing, how they survived the world wars, etc.  I would appreciate anyone's insight on these venerable companies.  Thanks.


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