Historical differences between long-standing bell foundries?

Matthew slosomething at IFIHnl44LgvSPb9BjPdfc_CElrSUZY-4haWJID6hTJt4Cs3mNNaz7sCN71_W2-gvt5qCuGTa2pDQwmzQ6A.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 27 07:35:17 BST 2012

The manufacturing of church bells is really a fascinating process.  It's certainly lower tech than I would have imagined.

I wonder for example how the how the "outer bell mold" (a "cope" in my world) are made?  They appear to be spun but I don't know for sure.  They can't be hog-outs can they?  I wonder who produces them?

The amount of labor that goes into each bell is remarkable.  I wonder why more progressive casting techniques have not been employed?

A very, very fascinating subject...



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