[Bell Historians] Re: Historical differences between long-standing bell foundries?

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Sun Apr 29 09:59:21 BST 2012

The problem with the Sheffield company was that its maximum furnace 
capacity was around about 10cwt, therefore not a comprehensive solution.
Their casting quality was excellent though and in the precision market.
However they re-evaluated their production costs and realised that they 
were un-economically expensive.



Richard Grimmett wrote:
> On 27/04/12 18:28, Hayden Charles wrote:
>>> The Southwark bell was not cast using traditional methods or at a
>>> bellfoundry.
>>> Richard
>> I am not aware that anyone was claiming otherwise.
>> Hayden Charles
> Ah, that's because your posting of 27/04 only appeared on my machine
> this morning out of sequence with Mike Chester.
> Cheers
> Richard
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